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#9 The Vintage Lotus Tree

On November 17, 2015 by Mei

Your tribe reveals a lot about who you are and how you see the world…

If this woman lived any closer, I think we’d be unicorns together! LOL

custom order

Elly’s custom order

I truly believe in the law of attraction and my shop is a way for me to beckon my ‘tribe’.  If you’ve been following some of my other blog posts (the last 8), you’ll find a lot of similarities between all the wonderful group of women I’ve met along the way.

In the years I’ve been blogging, not as frequent as I should, even though I don’t really know how to track properly, don’t really know how to create an e-commerce shop without crashing my wordpress, somehow I know my ‘tribe’ is out there and some of them have read a few of my posts.  So thank you for reading, unicorns!

As for this super gal, Elly from Australia, her one of a kind pieces are mesmerizing to look at. You can tell she pays a lot of attention to details and to her customers with each custom order.  They are always happy with her work!

Here’s Elly’s intro:

I’ve always been creative, ever since I can remember. I pick up things very easily. It’s like my therapy. Jewellery is always something I have enjoyed making. I never mass produce, I thrive on making one of a kind pieces. 

The Vintage Lotus Tree began on the night on the Super-moon, June 23rd 2013. It was a positive & successful time to launch a new business. It is important for me to have a lifelong successful business impact. I’m happy  to say, two years on, it’s progressing beautifully. 

My work is handmade by me & it’s important that a lot of positive energy flows when I design & create, enabling me to capture something different, unique and spiritual. 

Part of the charm of a handmade piece is that perfection isn’t necessary. It can be 

raw as you can make it. There’s no ‘rules’. I love that. I  balance my time between work and my beautiful family. Capturing the right essence to let my creativity flow..

I make a variety of jewellery from hand stamped pendants,bracelets, earrings (and more!) to creating anything with crystals. There are no limits to what I work with. Each client has different requests/needs so it gives me the opportunity to be flexible. 

I appreciate the many blessings in my life and I will always keep the creative energy flowing 🙂

You can find me on Facebook 


I’ve just recently started promoting on Instagram, you can find me under thevintagelotustree 



If I’m ever going to Australia for vacay, I’m coming for you!

#8 Little Tusk

On November 10, 2015 by Mei

little tusk

Today I’m featuring a rising star!  In 3 short months, she has already broken double digits in Etsy sales and starting a website soon.  She is an Aussie native and met her man in America, her talent is being spread worldwide all across the globe.

Meeting her on the Etsy platform is such a treat!  Seeing her post with my stamp used to brand her products a sheer delight!

little tusk2

I can sense she’s full of ideas and by the end of the year, she’ll be approached with wholesale opportunities if she hasn’t already been asked already!

Here’s her bio:

I’m an American import, I’m Australian born & bred but relocated her in the US after meeting my husband while backpacking. I started my store only a few months ago (7/5/15), but it stems from years of jewelry making!  I’m actually a classically trained trade qualified Jeweler, but I love the bright colors and design possibilities that comes from working with polymer clay (as apposed to precious stones and metals).  I started working with the clay about 5 years ago as a creative outlet & have loved it ever since.

little tusk3
Shop link is and I’m currently working on a website that should be live soon!
My main products vary from chunky bead necklaces, embellished statement bibs and pendants, and earrings, I am also looking to expand into other accessory categories soon.  All my products are made from scratch & now will be sporting the Little Tusk logo thanks to your beautiful stamps!! I like to think my designs are bold and unique, I try to stay away from main stream trends so that my pieces will stand out from the crowd. 


little tusk4


I’m so glad I got to hear your story and how your journey began.  Looking forward to seeing more of your work on Instagram!



#7 Gypsy Creations

On November 3, 2015 by Mei

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… there’s a LOT of hard working women here on Etsy!

Meet Brittany, married  for 4 years with a beautiful 2 year old daughter, AND she’s due this November!!!

She is a wanderlust in creations (you’ll see why below)… She started her etsy store roughly 1 1/2 yrs ago.. It just started with her Zentangle art prints, but grew into so much more.

[oh my goodness, I still have my book and I still have to start!!!]

She’s always been a crafty person with little mini projects that she would do for herself, and people would always ask why she wasn’t selling it at markets etc..

[That’s how we get curious and fired up!!!]


Social Media Custom Stamps

Handmade with Love Rubber Stamp Tree of Life Rubber Stamp


So she started with a few prints.. And [slowly other things start to sneak up on us] then to infinity scarves followed by some of her recycled things…

She’s always trying to be more green in our family life, [me too!!] and so she brought apart of it to her Etsy store. As of recently, she is more into wood burning.

She offers smaller items on Etsy as high shipping cost is a challenge but she does a lot of cutting boards for markets. She likes that she can bring her art/ zentangle into woodburning!  She’s always had a passion for crafting and making things new or bringing life into old/ used things.. And with having her daughter + being able to stay home, she’s been able to focus more on her creations.

She hopes to be able to stay working from home in the long run.. 👍😁 She loves mother nature and what we are able to do with it 🌳🌳



I think we definitely share many similar values Brittany!  Many of my custom stamp mounts are made from recycled materials such as old shelves and crates.  I think using the resources we currently have already is so important before we go and manufacture something new.  That’s how I started mounting my rubber stamps on clothespins and keeping packaging to a bare minimum.  It’s so important isn’t it??

Thank you for your light.

You can find her at:


#6 Anitas Peg Dolls – Artist Feature

On October 27, 2015 by Mei

It’s been a little over 4 years since I started a shop on Etsy and so much has changed in this platform!  But the one thing that is consistent of all the artists, crafters and sellers on Etsy is that they are passionate in what they make!

Maria Casanova, a mother of twin girls and seller since September 2014, is a peg doll artist for the young and the young at heart!  Her passion is clearly shown when her girl wrote that her mother’s job is cooking and painting dolls in her mother’s day questionnaire!

She is a fellow Canadian (like me!!) and lived in 5 different countries in the last 10 years… WOWZAS!

Royal couple (front).

My peg doll stamp for Maria (back).


Custom Family Peg dolls

I guess I lied when there’s only one thing that is common of Etsy sellers… LOL

The more I get to know my buyers/fellow artists, the more I find similarities in work ethics, dedication to work at hand and how much joy it brings them/us when a buyer appreciates our creations.

Maria writes:

I design and hand paint little wooden peg dolls that are the perfect toys for kids, as well as “child friendly decor” (like I like to call it) for any room of the house/office. A lot of people also use them as cake topper decor and/or keepsakes of special moments as weddings or birthdays. I do from princesses and superheroes to personalized dolls and my original designs.

I started by creating our family for my girls to play with, and the way they kept playing with them and how proud they were when they showed them to people and said “My mom painted them!” made start creating different peg dolls, joined my First Christmas Market and Etsy shop in November 2014.

and I wondered about the name too…

The name of my store is Anitas Peg Dolls, in honor of my twins’ names Ana Isabella & Ana Teresa, and in Spanish Anitas means little Anas.

I really love what I do, specially when I get to do custom or personalized couples or families because it gives me an opportunity to get to know people from all over the world, plus the challenge of recreate their personalities through their clothes, hairstyles, etc. where the difficulty  and the detail level changes all time!

My Etsy shop is, and you can follow me also on Instagram @anitaspegdolls.

Thanks for a great introduction Maria!! I look forward to seeing more posts on your Instagram.  Keep in touch!!



#5 Concetta Designs (Mama + Artist)

On October 20, 2015 by Mei

concetta designs banner


concetta designs stamp

Lindsay’s sharing nature is shown in her work and her presence on social media.

custom zodiac piecesBeautiful designs with the help of stamps!

Lindsay is definitely born to create!  Lindsay has contacted me in my Etsy shop to purchase her logo stamp (shown above).  When she received it, she posted the stamp right away and tagged me on Instagram.  Since then she’s been branding her products and created many unique designs using the skill sets she’s developed over the years.

Her knowledge of techniques and gemstones has developed over a decade of working and teaching at bead stores. She loves creating with both fabric and beads which led to her earned degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York in 2010.

Like myself, she knew she didn’t belong in a corporate setting and would much rather use her creative nature to help other small businesses.

She delved into her passion early this year by combining her fascination with astrology and birth charts with metal stamping which she found in her research to be original and one of a kind.

Lindsay loves making these [stamped jewelry] because she feels like she’s making something so special and deep for the owner. Many of her customers have never had their natal chart done before and inspiring that alone is a gift of insight and self-development to the reader. I put special attention into each and every one and am grateful to financially contribute to my family of 3, doing something that truly enjoy and believe in.

I love reading about her bio (and many of the other artists as well) because I can relate their passion with mine.  Not only is it inspiring and encouraging, I also feel a sense of belonging when I know I’m not the only one who want to be the change.

Thank you Lindsay!


Feature #4 Minapolen

On October 13, 2015 by Mei
Hand Stamped Business Cards
Always original
In this week’s feature, I’m honored to introduce to you a very talented artist, writer and biologist from Mexico named Mina Polen! I met her on Oct 18. 2014 through a purchase she had made in my shop.  (the above logo) It was a custom order of course because interacting with her creations is a way for her to tell her story.
She writes:
I have always been an admirer of jewellery and I actually learned how to work with wire and beads when I was a teenager. Then in 2012 the opportunity of learning the fundamentals of metalsmithing finally arrived. In that same year my writing (I write poetry and fiction) also had a boost (or so I believe).
Therefore, it was only natural to have a desire to combine the passion for jewellery with the passion for stories and poetry. It was then that Polen-metal stories jewellery was born. The result has been many jewellery pieces and my literature inspired jewellery project.
In fact, I realized that each piece of jewellery I have ever own tells me a story: the places where I have been, what I was feeling/thinking when I first wore it, the person who gave it to me, how I made it, etc. I cherish every piece and find comfort and inspiration looking at how beautiful they are and the adventures I have had wearing that piece. For me, jewellery is not only an accessory, it is part of who I am, it is part of my history.
I am trying to communicate that same feeling in the jewellery I make: beauty and the recount of a story. I like to think that every piece of jewellery that has been released into the wild it is having its own story, it has become part of someone else´s story and that maybe, that person also looks at my pieces and find comfort and inspiration looking at their beauty.
Now that my jewellery and my writing projects are flourishing and growing I feel very happy and grateful about having this opportunity to create. There is magic when you make unique pieces with your hands and your soul and also when you communicate the stories and words that you imagine.
I’ve been a fan on her social media pages including her behind the scene Instagram page, her Facebook page and her store.
Her work is quite mesmerizing to look at and now I know why.
The etsy shop:
More about my writing can be found at:
This is Mina’s Studio Manager, Gala!

Washiyoudoing – October Feature of the week

On October 6, 2015 by Mei
washiyoudoing meal planning lottery sticks
Meal Planning Lottery Sticks
washiyoudoing washi girl
Tracy Ng, the Washi-Girl!
I’ve always crafted or baked as a kid. In recent years I scrapbooked and took up paper crafts. When things got hectic a planner seemed like a good organizational tool. I [resisted buying] washi tape for a long time. Once I gave in I bought tons. I find them to be tiny pieces of art and expression. I curate my collection and sell samples on etsy. I started in March and got more serious in June/July 2015. Crafting is a connection. I decided early on I wanted to package my orders in note cards. I added some touches to the cover to express my gratitude, include a handwritten message and sign it with a heart. It’s corny and true that I pack each item from my heart and wanted a lasting reminder this order came from Washi You Doing in the form of a stamp. My etsy shop changes from time to time as I discover new items or restock ones people have come to love. You can check out the washi samples, washi rolls and sticky notes at
washiyoudoing etsy shop stamp
Etchythings‘ interaction with Washiyoudoing:
Tracy started her business this year and already she has over 1300 sales making her quite the efficient shipper on Etsy.  Currently shipping is only offered in USA and the cost is absolutely reasonable.    She bought the above stamp to add to her packaging as well as her finishing touches such as hand written notes and note cards.
As a handmade supplier myself, I know the kind of effort it takes to personalize every package for a customer.  Since she’s an organizer addict, I’m sure she is superb in managing her time well so she can get all her packages out in a timely manner.
I think I’m going to grab my stash of washi tape and start playing!!

This week’s Feature: ButtonUpBoutique

On September 29, 2015 by Mei

Week 2 feature a 24 years young, from Minnetonka, MN handmade artist named Arielle. I was first acquainted with Arielle on Etsy and she purchased one of my Flower of Life Stamp.

We’ve kept in touch on Instagram and I frequent her page to find behind the scene shots of her projects and watching a young entrepreneur strive to start her own business in this brave new world!

One of a kind pieces by Arielle Her new shop coming soon!


Yes, I remember starting out nearly 5 years ago and learning about social media, SEO, listing items, posting pictures and on and on it goes.  A journey like this is so rewarding but not for the typical undisciplined person.

Here’s a few tidbits about Arielle:

I am Arielle, 24 years old, and currently living in Minnetonka, MN. While the actual ButtonUpBoutique shop is new to Instagram and just getting off the ground, the ideas and inspirations behind it (and even many of the original pieces/prototypes and other intentionally created and sold or gifted items – without the name attached) are about 4 years old now.

My primary focus is what I feel in my heart. Earrings were definitely a main focus but I have found the expansion of finished pieces and ideas lately to be limitless. (Patches, other jewelry, other accessories, more healing/spiritual realms, altar goodies, crystal treasures, hanging art, encouragement/little reminders, and more – mostly just LOVE! – but it will also be clear that I am enjoying working in buttons in unexpected ways…) And I am much more comfortable working that way – I think it will be a great help to my productivity as well as the worries and stress surrounding an unconventional daily life while supporting a shop, independently.

I always had a wide variety of outlets and expressed myself in many contexts and forms. Visual art has always played a large role in my life, as has music. When I first began to struggle with numerous chronic illnesses and medical conditions, i was too overwhelmed and drained to really realize how greatly the effect would be on such basic passions, but the truth is that slowly but surely, and other times without any warning, basic functions allowing me to create in so many ways, have been taken away – whether permanently, temporarily, or yet to be determined. Some facets have been harder to accept than others. We typically start with 5 senses, some 6 – any of those being taken away was terrifying but I’ve always had 1 left and as someone who practices daily gratitude and trust in a spirited universe, that was my mindset. On the contrary, after writing and creating music on many instruments since I was a child, being unable to even hold any of those instruments any longer breaks my heart every time I try to play one. My journey with this shop is one of the few focuses I have landed on for now. I have recently tried to let go of the intense obsessions with long-term organization and maybe a little perfectionism, and want to just let it be both and outlet for myself, and even more so a way to spread my love to others – as my typical forms of care-taking, showing love, and sharing myself with the world may be the darker and more impactful side of what has also been lost/changed with the progression of illness.
My purpose and journey in the healing arts has had to be refocused to keeping my own mind and body afloat, but I’ve found in the smallest of creations I can combine those intentions with my artistic vision. If I can do one thing, that makes one person smile, even for one moment of their day – I feel I am serving my purpose right now.

Thank you Arielle for your introduction!  I invite my readers to go visit her page and give her a thumbs up.  Updates and other endeavors will continue on Instagram and inquiries also welcomed by email:


Feature of the week! Crunchy Craft

On September 19, 2015 by Mei
Here's Crunchy Craft's Etsy Store Banner 2015

Here’s Crunchy Craft’s Etsy Store Banner 2015

It is with great pleasure (and long overdue) to introduce to you a featured seller on Etsy and a past customer of mine who purchased a few yoga style stamps from my shop!

She’s been posting some rad photos on her Instagram account.  Here are a few of my favourites:

crunchycraft pendants

crunchycraft insta12


The prices are great and she’s been at it since she’s a little girl!  We share the same attitude and quote on Instagram too! “Be the change you want to see in the world

I’ve asked her to write me up a short bio so I can share with you in this week’s Etchy Feature. Enjoy!

I started my shop 2 years ago almost to the day, Sept 17th.  I started it because I’m always making stuff for friends and it was my son, who was 7, at the time, that asked me, “why don’t you see if other in the world want to buy the stuff you make?”

I had heard of Etsy before and that gave me the idea to make an Etsy shop and see how it went.  I started off selling baby items like wet bags and baby leggings when I first opened but now I make wallets, necklaces, hair bows, bow ties, and more.  I’ve always enjoyed making stuff.

I was that odd 15 year old who asked for a sewing machine for my birthday because I was tired of hand sewing.  I still use the same sewing machine today and I think I’ll cry when it dies.

My shop address is



My Pet Stamps for Monkey and Banana (my two JRTs)

On January 4, 2015 by Mei
Nana is my 11 month old rescued Jack Russell Terrier x. She's very smart and figure things out quickly and has the cutest "poor-me" face.  She loves attention and drives her brother crazy but love each other to bits.

Nana is my 11 month old rescued Jack Russell Terrier x. She’s very smart and figure things out quickly and has the cutest “poor-me” face. She loves attention and drives her brother crazy but love each other to bits.

Monkey Tag Close Up

Bone Tags Selection

It’s been 4 months since we’ve adopted our two JRTs and they have just stole our hearts!

When we first made a decision to adopt, we decided that we must have our own place first before we look for our furr-baby. We waited about 4 months after we’ve settled into our home and started our search.

We were really only prepared to adopt one dog at first since we know how training one dog means some dedicated time to attend to their needs. But when we were introduced to them by Dog Bless You Partners in Victoria, BC we just couldn’t let one of them go.

Just before we adopted them, we fostered them for a week just so they get used to our surroundings and our home. We quickly read up on things to expect from Jack Russell terriers as well as adopting siblings.. And after all of the things we were to be prepared for, we decided there was no way we could separate them. They were like a Monkey with his Banana. 🙂

Since owning both of them will incur twice the expenses with food, toys, training materials, vet bills, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to start saving up now so when they do need it we will be ready (gee.. how come I don’t think about these things already for myself or my hubby?? LOL)

So here it is, my first site for my furr-babies. I hope you will have a look and find something you like!

Click here to watch Nana and her sexy yawning skills…