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Washiyoudoing – October Feature of the week

On October 6, 2015 by Mei
washiyoudoing meal planning lottery sticks
Meal Planning Lottery Sticks
washiyoudoing washi girl
Tracy Ng, the Washi-Girl!
I’ve always crafted or baked as a kid. In recent years I scrapbooked and took up paper crafts. When things got hectic a planner seemed like a good organizational tool. I [resisted buying] washi tape for a long time. Once I gave in I bought tons. I find them to be tiny pieces of art and expression. I curate my collection and sell samples on etsy. I started in March and got more serious in June/July 2015. Crafting is a connection. I decided early on I wanted to package my orders in note cards. I added some touches to the cover to express my gratitude, include a handwritten message and sign it with a heart. It’s corny and true that I pack each item from my heart and wanted a lasting reminder this order came from Washi You Doing in the form of a stamp. My etsy shop changes from time to time as I discover new items or restock ones people have come to love. You can check out the washi samples, washi rolls and sticky notes at
washiyoudoing etsy shop stamp
Etchythings‘ interaction with Washiyoudoing:
Tracy started her business this year and already she has over 1300 sales making her quite the efficient shipper on Etsy.  Currently shipping is only offered in USA and the cost is absolutely reasonable.    She bought the above stamp to add to her packaging as well as her finishing touches such as hand written notes and note cards.
As a handmade supplier myself, I know the kind of effort it takes to personalize every package for a customer.  Since she’s an organizer addict, I’m sure she is superb in managing her time well so she can get all her packages out in a timely manner.
I think I’m going to grab my stash of washi tape and start playing!!

This week’s Feature: ButtonUpBoutique

On September 29, 2015 by Mei

Week 2 feature a 24 years young, from Minnetonka, MN handmade artist named Arielle. I was first acquainted with Arielle on Etsy and she purchased one of my Flower of Life Stamp.

We’ve kept in touch on Instagram and I frequent her page to find behind the scene shots of her projects and watching a young entrepreneur strive to start her own business in this brave new world!

One of a kind pieces by Arielle Her new shop coming soon!


Yes, I remember starting out nearly 5 years ago and learning about social media, SEO, listing items, posting pictures and on and on it goes.  A journey like this is so rewarding but not for the typical undisciplined person.

Here’s a few tidbits about Arielle:

I am Arielle, 24 years old, and currently living in Minnetonka, MN. While the actual ButtonUpBoutique shop is new to Instagram and just getting off the ground, the ideas and inspirations behind it (and even many of the original pieces/prototypes and other intentionally created and sold or gifted items – without the name attached) are about 4 years old now.

My primary focus is what I feel in my heart. Earrings were definitely a main focus but I have found the expansion of finished pieces and ideas lately to be limitless. (Patches, other jewelry, other accessories, more healing/spiritual realms, altar goodies, crystal treasures, hanging art, encouragement/little reminders, and more – mostly just LOVE! – but it will also be clear that I am enjoying working in buttons in unexpected ways…) And I am much more comfortable working that way – I think it will be a great help to my productivity as well as the worries and stress surrounding an unconventional daily life while supporting a shop, independently.

I always had a wide variety of outlets and expressed myself in many contexts and forms. Visual art has always played a large role in my life, as has music. When I first began to struggle with numerous chronic illnesses and medical conditions, i was too overwhelmed and drained to really realize how greatly the effect would be on such basic passions, but the truth is that slowly but surely, and other times without any warning, basic functions allowing me to create in so many ways, have been taken away – whether permanently, temporarily, or yet to be determined. Some facets have been harder to accept than others. We typically start with 5 senses, some 6 – any of those being taken away was terrifying but I’ve always had 1 left and as someone who practices daily gratitude and trust in a spirited universe, that was my mindset. On the contrary, after writing and creating music on many instruments since I was a child, being unable to even hold any of those instruments any longer breaks my heart every time I try to play one. My journey with this shop is one of the few focuses I have landed on for now. I have recently tried to let go of the intense obsessions with long-term organization and maybe a little perfectionism, and want to just let it be both and outlet for myself, and even more so a way to spread my love to others – as my typical forms of care-taking, showing love, and sharing myself with the world may be the darker and more impactful side of what has also been lost/changed with the progression of illness.
My purpose and journey in the healing arts has had to be refocused to keeping my own mind and body afloat, but I’ve found in the smallest of creations I can combine those intentions with my artistic vision. If I can do one thing, that makes one person smile, even for one moment of their day – I feel I am serving my purpose right now.

Thank you Arielle for your introduction!  I invite my readers to go visit her page and give her a thumbs up.  Updates and other endeavors will continue on Instagram and inquiries also welcomed by email:


Feature of the week! Crunchy Craft

On September 19, 2015 by Mei
Here's Crunchy Craft's Etsy Store Banner 2015

Here’s Crunchy Craft’s Etsy Store Banner 2015

It is with great pleasure (and long overdue) to introduce to you a featured seller on Etsy and a past customer of mine who purchased a few yoga style stamps from my shop!

She’s been posting some rad photos on her Instagram account.  Here are a few of my favourites:

crunchycraft pendants

crunchycraft insta12


The prices are great and she’s been at it since she’s a little girl!  We share the same attitude and quote on Instagram too! “Be the change you want to see in the world

I’ve asked her to write me up a short bio so I can share with you in this week’s Etchy Feature. Enjoy!

I started my shop 2 years ago almost to the day, Sept 17th.  I started it because I’m always making stuff for friends and it was my son, who was 7, at the time, that asked me, “why don’t you see if other in the world want to buy the stuff you make?”

I had heard of Etsy before and that gave me the idea to make an Etsy shop and see how it went.  I started off selling baby items like wet bags and baby leggings when I first opened but now I make wallets, necklaces, hair bows, bow ties, and more.  I’ve always enjoyed making stuff.

I was that odd 15 year old who asked for a sewing machine for my birthday because I was tired of hand sewing.  I still use the same sewing machine today and I think I’ll cry when it dies.

My shop address is



My Pet Stamps for Monkey and Banana (my two JRTs)

On January 4, 2015 by Mei
Nana is my 11 month old rescued Jack Russell Terrier x. She's very smart and figure things out quickly and has the cutest "poor-me" face.  She loves attention and drives her brother crazy but love each other to bits.

Nana is my 11 month old rescued Jack Russell Terrier x. She’s very smart and figure things out quickly and has the cutest “poor-me” face. She loves attention and drives her brother crazy but love each other to bits.

Monkey Tag Close Up

Bone Tags Selection

It’s been 4 months since we’ve adopted our two JRTs and they have just stole our hearts!

When we first made a decision to adopt, we decided that we must have our own place first before we look for our furr-baby. We waited about 4 months after we’ve settled into our home and started our search.

We were really only prepared to adopt one dog at first since we know how training one dog means some dedicated time to attend to their needs. But when we were introduced to them by Dog Bless You Partners in Victoria, BC we just couldn’t let one of them go.

Just before we adopted them, we fostered them for a week just so they get used to our surroundings and our home. We quickly read up on things to expect from Jack Russell terriers as well as adopting siblings.. And after all of the things we were to be prepared for, we decided there was no way we could separate them. They were like a Monkey with his Banana. :)

Since owning both of them will incur twice the expenses with food, toys, training materials, vet bills, etc. I thought it would be a good idea to start saving up now so when they do need it we will be ready (gee.. how come I don’t think about these things already for myself or my hubby?? LOL)

So here it is, my first site for my furr-babies. I hope you will have a look and find something you like!

Click here to watch Nana and her sexy yawning skills…

Happy Holidays from Etchythings and Accents Inc. & (the Minions)

On December 13, 2014 by Mei

Happy Holidays!

What’s Happening World?!

On August 29, 2014 by Mei
My 2 little pups and love...

My 2 little pups and love…

Wow, time flies when life events takes you to places where you get to challenge what it means to be happy!

The last time I blogged, it was back in JUNE??!! Okay, let’s not get too carried away by change. Do you guys miss me??? 😛

So in the last couple of months, we’ve had family and friends come visit us. Since we’ve moved, we’ve had more visitors come visit us then in a year we were way nearer to our family and friends LOL.

Our new place also house a lot of fruits and vegetables. We now have a garden that we need to look after so that adds one additional item on our plate. Definitely not complaining as we are living in a great place, doing things we’ve worked hard to achieve and taking on new challenges we face with the new environment we’re in.

I surprise visit my 2 of my good friends and yogis!

I surprise visit my 2 of my good friends and yogis!

I’ve hired a new helper about a month ago and that’s to help me with time management so I can design more products. The two pups arrived a week ago and although we’ve been sleeping way less and going on short walks way more, I think they are helping us manage our time better and learn more about ourselves.

In the meantime, check out some of the new listings I’ve launched here:

Custom Rubber Stamp Store Showcase and Giveaway

On June 9, 2014 by Mei

Custom Rubber Stamp Store

One of the things I love about my job is that I get to create a plethora of stamps and inspire others to create. To create require coming up with an idea, researching tools and skills to work on the idea and transforming the idea to reality. When I get a request for a custom stamp, I often get an appreciation photo back from my customer to show me what they’ve done. And I’m always humble by what I see because they look fantastic!

I’ve seen my stamps used in so many meaningful ways and particularly for celebrations, jewelry, candles and clay art to name a few.

This month, (and moving forward), I’ve asked my fans to send me their projects with hashtags #etchythingsandaccents and #giveaway so I can show everyone how my stamps got to take part in someone else’s life journey…






Packaging and Branding

Cultural Differences, Chocolate, & 1st World Views on Problems

On June 1, 2014 by Mei

Cultural Differences

In around 2006, I travelled to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) for the first time and stayed at an all inclusive hotel. PV was known to be the more authentic and rustic part of the tourist attraction. There’s a part of town called the old Puerto Vallarta where street vendors locate themselves and sold to tourists many traditional Mexican goods.

An older woman of maybe about 70yrs old was selling handmade blankets for about $25cdn. If I was a local and not a tourist, it might only cost 1/3 of that and she still would have profited. It is common for every local person to be working. It doesn’t matter if you’re 2 and 1/2 yrs old or if you’re 90yrs old, if you are alive and of sound mind and body, you will be worked. Common asian work ethics.

At a local bar on the main streets of PV, tourists would go enjoy themselves to American music, pay full cover price (about $8-10cdn) and have drinks and shots for about the same price as Canada (less the tax). These prices are definitely not for locals so there were very few, if any, local customers at this bar. Instead, they would conveniently dance and listen to American music outside or ACROSS the street since there were no windows and the music were loud. To me, that felt creepy…as if someone was snooping from the outside and checking you out.

I was waiting outside the washroom when a local busboy came up to me and asked me where I’m from. He was from Mexico, of course, a local, and had a thick accent. He seems to have never traveled outside PV before. I told him, “I’m from Canada.” and he replied, “but you’re like THIS.” (He takes his two index fingers and pulls the corner of his eyes to his sides indicating that I have almond-shaped Chinese eyes)

My first reaction was: Should I be upset that he just made fun of me? Or wait a minute, he just doesn’t know about who or what Canadians look like. I replied back: “No, I’m Canadian. I’m from Canada but born in Hong Kong.” He looked a little dumbfounded but didn’t want to ask more questions and walked away.

I’m not upset with his actions…if it was in any other context, I would laugh and make a joke out of it. (Not a sourpuss) But this brings up a really good point about cultural differences or ignorance depending on how you look at it.


Take for example the recent criticisms on where chocolate comes from. Stromboulopoulis provides us with insight on trafficking children and how chocolate corporations try to manage and stop these activities. While I definitely do not condone these practices, I have heard of these practices as a child myself in China and definitely one of my relatives have been trafficked or traded by the elders in hopes of a ‘better future’.

I watched the entire documentary (5 parts on Youtube) and tried to understand it from a 1st world’s perspective then from the 3rd world’s perspective. Very different for sure. When viewing from a 1st world’s perspective, my first reaction is that I’m glad I don’t live in that kind of society anymore where I have to worry about abduction, trafficking, hunger etc. But I also respect and appreciate, from a 1st world’s perspective, how kids of such young age are able to use their hands to create for themselves what many children would have no idea or desire to learn in the 1st world. Yes, it is about survival but there’s also the desire to help his or her family which is taken for granted here in North America more times than not.

From a 3rd world’s perspective, I can only draw onto real stories of my grandparents, who gave away their daughters, or my aunts, because they wanted only 2 sons and 2 daughters in the family. It was more or less not talked about but I found out eventually. I’ve also watched numerous old school Asian TV series of how the Chinese were to ‘find riches in the West’ but only to find they were brought to do slave work and build railroads in North America. Of course these are all wrong actions and decisions regardless of whether I’m looking at it from a 1st or 3rd world’s perspective but behind these stories are circumstances of which only the people themselves could explain or understand.

Some of the children from the Cacao farms dropped out of school themselves because they believed in helping their family more than education. Who’s to blame then if they chose it themselves? Do they know any better? Or maybe it was the teachers’ fault because they didn’t know how to teach. Or it’s the corporations fault for not trying to change a society’s point of view more. It definitely gets more complicated than our 1st world’s judgment.

1st world views on problems

When money and food is scarce and you have a whole family or possibly a village to feed, people are left with few options. It is difficult to comprehend when it has never been experienced and I’m sure none of us want to experience this. But there’s the argument of who should pay more for chocolate so these kids can enjoy a better life? Consumers or Corporations? But wait, chocolate is a how many billion dollars business? Who’s winning? Corporations are giving 1% back to the communities? How about lowering their profit margins just like every other corporation that may be the cause of the downfall of our economy? Eat less or no chocolate? Maybe but who’s gonna want to cut back on funding then?… exactly.

In the end, it’s not the 3rd world’s perspective we need to change. It is the 1st world’s greed for money and material goods and the believe that everything need to be handed to him or her on a silver platter that seems to be the biggest problem. Who can start a movement on changing the minds of us all without pointing fingers on the other? If we need to point, are we willing to point it at the mirror first? If we ask for change, can we first change our own point of views before asking for others to change? If we need to make documentaries, can we make them about how we’ve begun to change ourselves?  Stop having rallies and strikes on how we shouldn’t support others and start reflecting on or appreciating what we have instead. I’ll watch that and will click share. :)

Birthday Sale with Coupon Code

On May 30, 2014 by Mei

Last Day guys!

Birthday Sale! 28% off from now till the 30th… (min. $15US) Use Coupon Code: BDAYSALE28


My Card Making Blog

On May 9, 2014 by Mei

I have big hesitations when it comes to creating another blog… I’m sure bloggers know what I mean…

I committed myself to making more cards this year through my friend’s digital stamp blog TheEastWind and in attempting to create a normal continuation of a blog here, there’s not a clear way to “Follow” posts like that of

Anyway, I just started blogging my card / tag making  session at my blogger site here.  I hope if you have time, you would follow me there on my personal card making journey and leave a comment if  you’re free.

Last few hours for 20% this listing

Flower Of Life Stamp 20% off sale


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!