• 3 stamps
  • SLIDER ITEM custom artwork stamp
  • Reclaimed Wood Mounts by etchythings.  All rubber stamps larger than 2.25" will be customized with wood mounts similar to this style. Since they are handmade, they are always OOAK.
  • Chopsticks
  • sentiment stamp
  • Bamboo Chopping Board
  • Yoga Chakra Stamps
  • Paw Print Names

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Decorative Swan How-To-Video

On April 6, 2014 by Mei

Just had to save this so I can try it out some time!!

Light Case Anyone?

On April 4, 2014 by Mei

I discovered this kickstarter project and thought it would be a great share for you on this lovely Friday.

I think this would make a great box for snapping photos of cards, jewelry, and another other small projects. Crafters would love this wouldn’t they?

Some highlights from our Maui Wedding

On March 29, 2014 by Mei

On January 18th, 2014 I got Maui’d!

It was a beautiful day with one of the most amazing sunsets. We couldn’t have been able to capture such great moments if it wasn’t for our amazing photographers at Maui Creativity Photography.

They blogged about us so you can check it out there or to see some highlights from my pins click below:
Some highlights from our Maui Wedding.

Photography: Maui Creative Photography

Venue: Aston Maui Lu

Flowers: Kihei-Wailea Flowers by Cora

Hair & Makeup: Pam & Jensen of Orchid Salon

Cake: Marie Audant of Maui Cake Store

Light and Setup: Bruce Sandler of Village Audio & Lighting

Entertainment: Manutea Nui E

Wedding Favors: Etchythings (yours truly)

Scottish Kilt: Heritage of Scotland

Wedding Dress: Tailored by DesignbySafa



Personalized Stamps by Etchythings

On March 10, 2014 by Mei

appreciation photo cabernet sauvignon jelly

We’ve had the privilege to create a stamp for Mary last year and I had such a blast designing this image.

With the text being so thin and the laurel leafs being initially more pronounced, I decided to play around with the line settings and created a 2-toned stamp.

As you can see the laurel leafs is lighter than the text.

What a beautiful stamp to have on these lovely homemade jelly jars!

Snap Back to Reality. Opps there goes Gravity!

On January 28, 2014 by Mei
Mandatory sand etching

Mandatory sand etching

Soooooooooo I’m back! We returned from a 2 week getaway to get hitched followed by a short honeymoon with family and friends in attendance ;)

We were blessed with an increased number of orders from last year with a slight drop in overall revenue due to the number of inactive custom orders I was unable to provide during our 2 weeks away. But still! The support from everyone and especially now that I’m back, I’m getting emails and custom orders again… ugh! I’m truly blessed!

But I can’t help missing Maui…the awesome weather, the sound of the ocean hitting the rocks on the beach, leafs whistling…

And just 2 days back, I completed and shipped out 50 orders and today I’m 99% caught up. My mind is racing with ideas and the number of projects I want to be able to complete now is driving me crazy. ah well ah well… that’s what yoga is for Cessation of the fluctuations of the mind I know I’m not alone on this one!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for a great 2014! Love to hear what you’ve got planned this year. Leave a message in the comment section below!

Mindfulness – Parsing the Chinese character

On January 5, 2014 by Mei


Something about me. I dig the Chinese language. Ever since I was a little girl, I love parsing out Chinese characters and understand what they mean. This love of Chinese characters kinda lost itself in translation? when I moved to Canada and became a Canadian. English is my main spoken language now, I was educated in it and that’s all I know to have an adult conversation.

Never the less, I still nerd out in Chinese characters, philosophies (Buddhism) and was drawn to yoga immediately when I was first introduced to the practice in 2003.

Today, I was working on custom orders and I came across a Chinese character I was commissioned to create a stamp from. The Chinese character was Mindfulness aka awareness/ retention and could be translated into other Asian or Sanskrit languages.

The word when parsed, is comprised of two main root words,”now” and “heart”.

In its pure form, and as a North American Canadian learning about “Being in the Now”, “Living in the Moment” and of course in yoga philosophy, “Mindfulness Meditation”, I could not agree more and feel the meaning pouring out of its word composite! To be mindful, we must be in the state of the now and observe our experiences through the heart.

This character to me brings pure bliss when I see it and although I dismissed the idea of studying Chinese at an early age, I can’t hide from the fact that I am still drawn to the concept of Chinese characters, their meaning, philosophy, history and of course stories that denotes why they mean the way they do to me today.


Eden Accents in New Westminster

On December 16, 2013 by Mei
Visit this quaint little shop for handmade local and original items curated by Emily and Sue

Visit this quaint little shop for handmade local and original items curated by Emily and Sue

We visited this shop a couple of days ago when we were looking for some holiday gifts for family and friends. We were welcomed by Emily and their homemade cider (yum) and lots of cute things all around the shop.

The shop had lots of quaint items; from vintage suitcases to little bird and mouse ornaments for the home. Everything in there were nicely displayed and made with love either by local artisans or ordered through Emily’s and Sue’s eye for great products for the home.

When we checked out and bought our gifts, I decided to introduce my shop to the owners and asked how I would get my ornaments in for next year. Amazingly, after sending them my etsy site and introduced them my bestselling ornaments, they took my ornaments in right away with open arms.

It’s so nice to have a local store appreciate and love my items as much as the online community does. I really hope I can continue to work with this wonderful shop as their items fit so well with some of the items I have to offer at etchythings.

Well, at the very least, I was glad I asked them about their interest even though it’s so late in the year.

Until next time!

Congratulations Shawna Mayo Barnes

On November 19, 2013 by Mei
Congratulations on winning Etsy anything Giftcard from etchythings

Congratulations on winning Etsy anything Giftcard from etchythings

This is the most successful giveaway to date! At 107 entries, Shawna Mayo Barnes participated, shared, and was the ultimate winner in this great gift away.

With the holiday season drawing near, I wonder what she will shop for this season? Hand knit scarf? Some crafting supplies? or perhaps a man gift to share her joy with the Mister?

Congratulations again and thanks for being an Etchythings’ fan!

Wedding Day Awaits

On November 14, 2013 by Mei




My family of 8

My family of 8

It must be an overwhelming experience for brides to be feeling the way I do – ill prepared, worried, restless and as much as yoga calms me down during that moment, I’m still right back to my good old self again when I start working.

It doesn’t help when I decided to work through the entire Christmas holiday. Next week, I’ll have to set a limit on International orders.

I’ve been blessed with a very successful growing business this year. At this rate, I will need to get help and hire someone part time. But not till after my wedding…

I can’t help but to think about my dress (I ended up opting in to do the most custom work with it) and all the last bit of planning including florist, hair and make-up, photography will all be in my thoughts for the next few months. Yet, what’s most important is that we are getting married and we will start our lives together.

I’ll have to remember that. Yes, I do have to enjoy this and have lots of fun preparing my last few months as a Ms….


T’is the season to be GIVEAWAY

On November 4, 2013 by Mei

It’s holiday shopping time!

Etchythings is proud to be hosting this giveaway for a $50US gift card on Etsy.  Don’t know what Etsy is? Here’s a $5 freebie right here to get started.

There’s no purchase necessary and all you have to do is like my Facebook Page, tweet on my Twitter account and/or Pin an item from Etchythings your Pinterest.  The more things you do, the more entries you’ll get.  Share the giveaway here.

Click on image to go to giveaway page

Click on image to go to giveaway page


Good luck!